Article (6)

A. The Broker wishing to offer the ITS must submit an application to the ASE, together with all required documents - which are certified by the ASE- as per the standard form made for this purpose, the documents should include the following:

1. A draft form of Broker - Client Contract to regulate offering the ITS in accordance with the requirements of article (10/C).

2. A written Contingency Plan describing the Broker's strategy and available resources to enter buying and selling orders for the clients on behalf of them when the trading via the Internet becomes unavailable to the clients for any reason.

3. A Risk Disclosure Statement, which shall prominently and explicitly state all risks related to buying and selling securities through the ITS.

4. Fees to be charged by the Broker for offering the ITS.

5. A statement of minimum qualifications required in the client who wishes to use the ITS.

B. The ASE may request any additional requirements to consider the application of the Broker who wishes to provide the ITS.