The ASE Permanent keenness to enhance transparency and disclosure of the capital market, and to meet the needs and requirements of the investors and those who are interested in the ASE; and under the ASE  pursuit to improve and develop the services provided to individuals and business sector, and provide the required Data with high accuracy and at the appropriate time; ASE has completed the development of a special application for Market Watch Live Program (ASELIVE), which can work through Phones that use the operating system (IOS) and (Android).

This application will provide many privileges and services for Securities Dealers, which will help them to take the right investment decision, such as a summary of the performance and the index of the market, displaying the Market Depth, Intraday, and the most active companies, gainers, losers and unchanged in price companies, in addition to the ability to customize your own list. 

It is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned application can be uploaded  on devices (iPhone & IPad) or (Android) by searching for (ASE or ASELIVE) on Apple's App Store or Google PalyStore, or through access to the Internet through the below links:

For Android devices: google play

                                   download APK ASELIVE



For Apple devices:     APP store


Note that the user can use the same username and password used in the English version of the Market Watch program ( on the Internet to access the mentioned program.