Vision, Mission and Objectives


Advanced financial market distinguished legislatively and technically, regionally and globally; rising to the latest international standards in the field of financial markets to provide an attractive investment environment.


Provide an organized, fair, transparent, and efficient market for trading securities in Jordan, and secure a safe environment for trading securities to deepen trust in the stock market therefore to serve the national economy.


  • Practicing, operating, managing and developing all the activities of securities markets inside and outside Jordan.
  • Providing an adequate environment to ensure the interaction of supply and demand forces for trading in securities, according to the clear, proper and fair trading practices.
  • Raising the awareness of investing in the financial markets, and developing the knowledge related to financial markets, and the services provided by the ASE Company.

Core Values:

  • Honesty and Integrity: Justice and Equality in dealing with all the relevant authorities
  • Transparency: Disclose all information in an accurate, fast, and instant way to all parties.
  • Distinction and Creativity: Adopt and implement distinction standards in all aspects of the work at the ASE.
  • Efficiency: Optimal use of available resources and achieving objects at the lowest cost and the shortest possible time.
  • Continuous Improvement: Permanent review of the performance and apply of the best global practices.
  • Attention for the Staff: Raising the efficiency of the employees and maintaining a professional working environment and enhancing the teamwork.
  • Openness: Debating (Consultation) with strategic partners and receiving opinions on the presented services and taken it into consideration to reach the premium services.