How to open an account

How to trade at the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)?

You can buy and sell securities traded at the ASE through the licensed financial services companies by Jordan Securities Commission and the ASE, where you can get a list of companies' names through visiting its website at .

Important Tips when choosing the Broker:

- Identify the services that you need to be provided by the broker.

- Ask the company to provide you with the value of fees and commissions.

- Read the Convention and the annexes thereto and all information related to the accounts, check and understand all the documents before signing them.

- Never sign any empty sale or purchase authorization.

- Make sure that the broker is licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission.

- Make sure about the professional history of the broker.

- Make sure that the broker understands your needs.

Dealing mechanism at the ASE

1. Account opening agreement between the broker and the client includes the following:

        A. The name and address for both the broker and the client.

       B. Statement of the services that will be provided by the Broker assigns.

       C. Statement of the commissions that the broker would get paid in return for its services or referring to a separate document showing these Commissions in a condition that these are within the allowed limit.

2. Authorizations types that allow the broker to execute the client's orders:

• Written Authorization.

• Phone Call Authorization.

• Electronic Authorization (by email).

2- Obtain a reference number from the Broker.

3- Ensure the accuracy of the information on the Client's Identification notice.

4- Use the client's account number in the purchasing and selling processes.

5. Give the brokerage firm an authorization for each purchasing and selling process.