Transaction Cost

Commissions are calculated based on market value of securities bought and sold, according to the following table:

Security Lower Limit (JD) Upper Limit (JD)
Shares JD 5.4 per thousand JD JD 7.4 per thousand JD
Bonds JD 0.45 per thousand JD JD 0.95 per thousand JD
Investment Units JD 2.0 per thousand JD JD 2.2 per thousand JD


The broker may charge a commission less than the aforementioned minimum for the shares above for a single trade (buying or selling one security in one day for a single investor) that exceeds 100,000 dinars, provided that this commission is in no way less than 0.002 two dinars for every thousand dinars.

* 0.0008 percentage of the market value of the traded shares shall be added by each party to the contract as a tax for the benefit of Public treasury.

* The shares commission of Capital Market Institutions is paid as follows: 0.0005 to the Jordan Securities Commission, 0.0005 to the Amman Stock Exchange and 0.0004 to the Securities Depository Center, and it is collected by the broker for the aforementioned Institutions. While it charges a commission on bonds 0.0002, it is paid equally to the Amman Stock Exchange and the Securities Depository Center. As for the Jordan Securities Commission, it does not collect any commission on bonds.

* Capital market institutions do not charge any commission on individual saving bonds.

* Brokerage firms charge clients who use the internet trading service a commission ranging from 0.002-0.006.